The Top Brands of Tequila in Talmo, GA

At Barn Bottle Shop, you can choose from over three dozen brands of premium tequila in Pendergrass, GA, as well as other popular spirits. Tequila is the traditional drink of Mexico, and has been enjoyed there for centuries. Distilled from the fermented juices of the agave plant, tequila ranges in color from clear to dark amber depending on how long it has been barrel aged.

A similar drink, mezcal, also comes from the agave plant. But purists argue that true tequila is a higher-quality product that must use the blue agave and come from distilleries in the Mexican State of Jalisco (whose municipality of Tequila gave the beverage its name.) So tequila bears a similar relationship to mezcal as cognac does to brandy.

Tequila’s complex flavor varies according to the distillation and aging processes. Connoisseurs drink the beverage neat, but it is also a popular shot and the base of cocktails such as margaritas. The brands we offer include:

1. 1800
2. 1800 Coconut
3. Agavales
4. Aguardiente
5. Asombroso
6. Avion
7. Cabo Wabo
8. Cazadores
9. Centinela
10. Conquistador
11. Corazon
12. Don Julio
13. El Conquistador

14. El Jimador
15. El Pobre
16. El Toro
17. Espolon
18. Gran Centenario
19. Herradura
20. Jose Cuervo
21. La Hacienda Bonita
22. Lunazul
23. Maestro Dobel
24. Margaritaville
25. Milagro
26. Minero Mezcal

27. Monte Alban
28. Montezuma
29. Parton
30. Pepe Lopez
31. Sauza
32. Scorpion Mezcal
33. Skinny Girl Margarita
34. Tarantula
35. Three Amigos
36. Tres Agaves
37. Two Fingers
38. Ultimo

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