Cognac and Brandy in Talmo, GA

Enjoy a taste of the high life by coming to Barn Bottle Shop for our collection of brandy in Pendergrass, GA. We offer customers the area’s largest selection of brandy and other premium spirits.

Brandy is a barrel-aged distilled wine or fruit mash that’s anywhere from 35-60% alcohol by volume. It is usually served neat, in a special glass called a snifter, as an after-dinner drink. It has a rich, smooth mouthfeel and complex flavor profile. Also the base of many high-end cocktails, brandy comes in handy in the kitchen, too, as a deglazing liquid to make sauces.

Cognac refers specifically to brandies that are produced in the region around the town of Cognac, France. The production of cognac is protected by law, which requires it to be distilled twice in copper pot stills. It is then aged in new oak casks for one year, and next is transferred to used oak casks to prevent the liquid from taking on too much tannin from the virgin oak (tannin gives that dry, puckering feeling in your mouth). Another special brandy is Armagnac, from the French region of the same name.

Cognacs and brandies are rated according to how long they have been barrel aged: V.S. (very special, or at least two years), V.S.O.P. (very superior old pale, or at least four years), and XO (extra old, or at least six years). Sometimes, you see an XO brandy or cognac labeled Napoleon or Hors d'âge (beyond age); these indicate products that have been aged for significantly longer. Generally, brandies that have aged for longer are considered higher quality and go for more expensive prices.

If you’d like to know more about any of our cognacs or brandies, don’t hesitate to ask our staff. The brands we sell include:

1. 1889
2. African Pride
3. Alto del Carmen
4. Alize
5. Ansac
6. Asbach Uralt
7. Azteca De Oro
8. B&B
9. Bardinet
10. Barton
11. Blume Marillen
12. Boston
13. Calvados Boulard
14. Calvados Bushnell
15. Camus
16. Cardenal Mendoza
17. Cardonet
18. Cerbois Armagnac
19. Cerbois
20. Chabanneau Chalfonte
21. Chateau de Montifaud

22. Chauffe Coeur
23. Cherry Herring
24. Christian Brothers
25. Christian Brothers Honey
26. Courvoisier
27. Don Pedro
28. E&J
29. Fundador
30. Hartley
31. Hennessy
32. Hennessy Black
33. Hiram Walker
34. Hpnotiq
35. Hpnotiq Harmonie
36. Ibis
37. Inca Gold
38. Ivanabitch Brandy
39. JC Jacques Cardin
40. Jepson
41. Kammer
42. Kelt

43. Klipdrift Export
44. Klipfel
45. Korbel Brandy
46. La Belle Orange
47. Laine
48. Laird’s
49. Landy
50. Larresingle Armagnac
51. Leroux Mainstay
52. Martell
53. Menorval Calvados
54. Metaxa
55. Meukow
56. Presidente
57. Primero Terry
58. Purkhart
59. Remy
60. Remy Martin
61. Remy Martin 1738
62. Royal
63. Salignac

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